azienda agricola liarosa


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azienda agricola liarosa azienda agricola liarosa

A story of passion, experience, technology and constant intensity.

LIAROSA Farm sits in the heart of the area dominated by the River Piave and a strong bond has tied the Marcuzzo family to this area for many generations.
The area is not famous only for Paive, but there is another small resurgence river named LIA. It also suggest the name of the farm LIAROSA. Liarosa made wine since 1986, only using grapes produced by itself. The farm has more than 10 hectars of vineyards, all in the plain land Marca Trevigiana area. The area is very famous for viticolture, and it is certifited by the creation of the prestigious and renowned Conegliano Oenological Institute (the oldest such instituion in Italy) just a few kilometers away from the river course.