azienda agricola liarosa


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Made from a soft pressing of the grapes that allows to extract only the most delicate compente and fermented at controlled temperatures to preserve the aromatic fraction, the company proposes four types, 3 produced from grapes of international spread and one linked to the territory and traditions Treviso wine.


The grapes are harvested once pressed and fermented in contact with the skins for about 7 days. The red wine conducted by the method ganimede, allows to act on the grapes selectively without changing the typicality. Even red wines are divided into "international" and "native".


Thanks to its qualities of freshness and liveliness met the taste of a wide audience but is the environment Treviso, its natural habitat of cultivation, which guarantees the notes peculiarities. Fermented in the autoclave, the company will offer two versions, the sparkling prosecco and prosecco extra dry.